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Eating Disorders

Are you concerned with your weight or how you look? Do you or a loved one skip meals or exercise excessively in order to lose weight? Do you force yourself to vomit in order to avoid extra caloric intake? Having an eating disorder is a very serious concern. People with Anorexia can starve themselves to the point of malnutrition and eventually death. All organs are effected by this lack of nurishment. People with Bulimia are also at high risk for malnutrition and death. Forcing yourself to vomit can damage your organs including your esophagus, mouth, and teeth. At times people may experience a distorted body image and see themselves differently than others see them. This often can contribute to eating disorders or poor eating habits. If you or a loved one experiences these concerns please contact us today for assistance. We can help through therapy as well as open communication with your primary care physician and nutritionist.


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