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Cognitive/Behavioral Counseling

Cognitive/Behavioral counseling is a type of treatment focused on our thought process and how our thoughts effect our feelings and behavior. It is believed that our feelings are generated by our thoughts and we know that we act or react based on how we feel. Thus it makes sense that if we change the way we think we will feel different and thus act/react differently. This, of course, is a simple explanation of a very complicated process. The treatment is by no means eas,y but it is doable and very effective.

To demonstrate how our thoughts influence our feelings and actions, consider the following example:

You're at home sitting in the living room when you hear a noise coming from the kitchen. You don't think anything of it because you know your spouse is home and probably made the noise. Now, consider your reaction in this same scenario but you are home alone. You hear the same noise coming from the kitchen but now you are nervous, startled, scared. You know you're the only one at home and you know you didn't make the noise. You start to wonder who made the noise - did someone break in, are you going to get hurt? Your action/reaction is very different now as compared to your previous reaction when your spouse was home.

Consider how you felt while reading and imagining this scenario. The way we think and perceive information is very influential on our behavior. But our thoughts are not set in stone; they can be changed. If you've experienced distorted thinking and have difficulty with feelings of sadness, anxiety, irritability, anger, frustration, negativity, hopelessness, etc., this therapeutic approach may be helpful.

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