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Trauma Assessment & Treatment

Trauma is an emotional response to an intense or unexpected event. There are many events that may cause trauma including witnessing natural disasters, being witness to murder or death, being physically or sexually abused, losing a loved one unexpectedly, or learning of a life-threatening or disabling condition. At times it is not the event itself that causes the trauma but the response to the trauma instead that causes the emotional response.

Some symptoms of trauma may be depression, anxiety, withdrawal from others, avoidance of events, people, or places that resemble the traumatic event, panic attacks, fearfulness, anger or irritability, difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite, experience of physical pain not explained by medical means, difficulty focusing and concentrating, difficulty remembering and making decisions, experiencing flashbacks or intrusive thoughts of the traumatic event, experiencing nightmares, and/or feelings of guilt or grief.

If you or a loved one has experienced trauma please contact us for assessment and treatment.

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